Paul E. Chang

I am a machine learning Ph.D. student with Arno Solin's research group at Aalto University, Finland. I am interested in probabilistic modelling and efficient inference techniques with applications in sequential decision-making.

I was also a remote collaborator at the Approximate Bayesian Inference Team @ RIKEN AIP, and have done a research placement at Secondmind.

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  • [May 2023] Paul E. Chang *, Prakhar Verma*, ST John, Arno Solin, and Mohammad Emtiyaz Khan. Memory-based dual Gaussian processes for sequential learning accepted in International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2023 (Oral Presentation). Link  
  • [January 2023] One month research visit with Emtiyaz Khan at RIKEN AIP, Japan.
  • [November 2022] Prakhar Verma, Paul E. Chang, Arno Solin, Mohammad Emtiyaz Khan. Sequential Learning in GPs with Memory and Bayesian Leverage Score accepted in Asian Conference in Machine Learning (ACML) workshop "Continual Lifelong Learning" 2022 (Contributed talk). Link  
  • [October 2022] Paul E. Chang, Prakhar Verma, ST John, Victor Picheny, Henry Moss, Arno Solin. Fantasizing with Dual GPs in Bayesian Optimization and Active Learning accepted in NeurIPS workshop "Gaussian Processes, Spatiotemporal Modeling, and Decision-making Systems" 2022. Link  
  • [October 2021] Vincent Adam*, Paul Chang*, Emtiyaz Khan, Arno Solin. Dual Parameterization of Sparse Variational Gaussian Processes accepted in NeurIPS 2021. Link